EGI Federated Cloud gives access to expertise and resources in different countries

23 Feb 2015 London - At the Cloud Plugfest December 2014 in London,Primeur Magazinehad the opportunity to interview Boris Parák, from CESNET in the Czech Republic. CESNET is a Czech network infrastructure provider and manages the Czech education and research network. Boris Parák attended the Cloud Interoperability Workshop in London because he is part of the group working on EGI Federated Cloud. This group is very interested in Cloud Federation and interoperability between different Clouds.

Boris Parák is member of the OCCI working group. This group is very interested in interoperability in the area of virtual machine management between different Cloud management frameworks.

OCCI is an open Cloud computing interface which is a generic text-based interoperability protocol designed to express relationships between resources. It is used for interoperability, extensibility and integration between platforms. It is an Open Grid Forum (OGF) standard and it is heavily used in the EGI Federated Cloud.

The group to which Boris Parák belongs, is very interested in interoperability because it is quite important in research and scientific communities. As the demand for scientific computing grows, more resources are needed to give users easy access to these resources. Users often need expertise which is not available in their own country. They need tools for sharing data and computationally intensive tasks. Therefore, EGI Federated Cloud is working on providing a Cloud infrastructure, based on open standards.

This infrastructure will avoid vendor lock-in. You can actually work with people from different countries and have access to resources from different countries. You also have access to the expertise in different countries and in different subjects, whether technical or scientific.

If you want to know more about interoperability, you can visit the EGI Federated Cloud website.



Ad Emmen