CoolIT Systems merges Demand Liquid Alliance (DLA) with The Green Grid to establish an open Liquid Cooling Group

12 Jan 2015 Calgary - CoolIT Systems' Demand Liquid Alliance (DLA) industry group, initially established by CoolIT Systems in 2012 to address the growing support for liquid cooling in the data centre, has amalgamated with The Green Grid Association to establish an open Liquid Cooling Group. This move was initiated by the desire of the DLA members to centralise its advocacy work under a broader organisation with appropriate guidelines for the betterment of the industry.

The Green Grid Association, the global authority on effective and accountable resource efficiency across the entire information and communications technology (ICT) ecosystem, has established the Liquid Cooling Group within its Technical Committee to provide a forum to push the best practice for liquid cooling implementations. With an established presence, a goal to unite global industry efforts and develop technical resources and educational tools, as well as an interest in applying this goal to the liquid cooling movement, The Green Grid is well positioned as a suitable successor for the DLA.

The Liquid Cooling Group will focus on all aspects of the data centre that are impacted by liquid cooling, including facility-planning, water quality best practices, management interface between data centres and liquid cooling solutions, and other areas that will help de-mystify liquid cooling. The Green Grid is also expected to help with the process of developing standards for liquid cooling.

"CoolIT has led by joining The Green Grid as a contributing member and encourages other industry companies to do the same", stated Geoff Lyon, CEO/CTO of CoolIT Systems. "I want to promote the succession of the DLA initiative into The Green Grid to continue the demystification of Liquid Cooling technology for the benefit of the IT industry. By aligning the DLA ambition into The Green Grid, we can draw on the knowledge and experience of industry masters to help steer Liquid cooling benefits into the future."
Source: CoolIT Systems