IBM opens first Cloud data centre with SoftLayer in Germany

7 Jan 2015 Frankfurt - As part of its $1.2 billion investment to expand its global Cloud footprint, IBM has opened its first Cloud data centre with SoftLayer in Germany. Located in Frankfurt, the new facility provides customers with a local Cloud centre to help them meet Germany and Europe's strict security and data privacy regulations, improving application performance by lowering latency for local customers.

"Data privacy regulations in the European Union (EU) are among the most stringent in the world, and Germany has one of the strongest policies", stated Lance Crosby, CEO of SoftLayer, an IBM company. "While all our Cloud data centres have SoftLayer's same strict standards for security and privacy, the new Frankfurt facility will allow German companies and clients to benefit from in-country data storage, a requirement in many industries to comply with German data protection laws."

The Frankfurt facility is part of SoftLayer's unique global network, differentiated by its network-within-a-network architecture, and offers 10Gbps connections to SoftLayer services, with only 7 milliseconds of latency from SoftLayer's Amsterdam facility and less than 330 milliseconds of latency from other SoftLayer Cloud data centres around the world.

It also complements existing European IBM Cloud facilities in Amsterdam, London, and Paris and broadens redundancy options and geographic diversity within EMEA and around the world by enabling back-ups that can be replicated and integrated in any other SoftLayer Cloud data centre, with free unmetered bandwidth between locations.

In Germany, Cloud adoption is on the rise, spurred by the cost savings and flexibility gained by moving operations and workloads to the Cloud. The number of German enterprises using the Cloud grew by 32 percent between 2012 and 2013, and The Experton Group forecasts the value of the Cloud market in Germany at 18 billion euro by 2017.

Germany consistently ranks within IBM Cloud's top five best-performing EMEA countries in terms of total monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and growth. German customers using IBM Cloud's SoftLayer infrastructure include those in the gaming, digital marketing and advertising, and online and IT services businesses.

German customer Avira provides IT-security protection to computers, smartphones, servers, and networks, delivered as both software and Cloud-based services. This year, the company introduced several new Internet security products, all built on IBM Cloud's SoftLayer infrastructure.

"IBM Cloud's SoftLayer was a dream partner the whole way", stated Jason Radisson, executive vice president of online business for Avira. "From the initial R&D work on a handful of bare metal servers through market release and rapid take up in our user base, SoftLayer responded to our requests swiftly and adroitly. Today, this infrastructure is handling hundreds of millions of requests per hour at peak times. Based on this experience, SoftLayer has become our go-to cloud infrastructure partner for scaling new products."

The Frankfurt Cloud centre follows SoftLayer's standardized pod design, having the capacity for thousands of physical servers and offering the full range of Cloud infrastructure services, including SoftLayer's bare metal servers, virtual servers, storage, security services, and networking. It seamlessly integrates via the company's leading private network with all SoftLayer Cloud data centres and network points of presence (PoPs) around the world. With services deployed on demand and full remote access and control, customers can create their ideal public, private, or hybrid Cloud environments.

Customers can receive up to $500.00 USD off of new orders for the Frankfurt Cloud data centre for the first month of service, for a limited time.
Source: IBM