Navigate your way at ISE 2012 in 3D from projectiondesign

12 Jan 2012 Fredrikstad - Another real-world demonstration on the projectiondesign stand at ISE 2012 will be a table-based 3D decision making and presentation tool that takes advantage of their multi-award winning F35 wqxga projectors.

The patented Mixed Reality Interface (MRI) system from KOMME Z is a simple and easy to use design and presentation tool for project managers and designers in Building Information Modelling, Product Lifestyle Management Systems and digital prototyping work flows.

The creator of the MRI system, Thomas Kienzel, at KOMME Z stated: "The MRI system can be used with a range of real-time 3D software packages, including Autodesk Showcase and Navisworks alongside other popular design and presentation tools, to provide the most flexible collaboration platform available."

Viewing of the MRI system navigation takes advantage of the F35 wqxga projector at 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution that accurately delivers highly detailed imaging. Viewing, presentation and navigation is cleverly manipulated and hand-controlled as part of the MRI system.

Fredrik Brostrøm-Hansen, Product Marketing Manager at projectiondesign, stated: "The F35 wqxga delivers high resolution, broad bandwidth, and flawless image quality that is unmatched by any other projector in its price, performance and size category. The high resolution and ultra-precise colours provide the most accurate imaging from the MRI system and are suited for any kind of visualization."

The solution is marketed through davit GmbH in Stuttgart, Germany. Florian Knoll, CEO stated: "The integration of projectiondesign F35 wqxga projectors ensures that the MRI system is the ultimate tool for visualizing a detailed and large-format image for collaborative workgroups. Typical users include architects, property development, engineering, prototyping ensuring decisions makers make the right project decisions."

Source: projectiondesign