BOINC-rendered movie released

19 Dec 2013 Berkeley - The animated short Big Buck Bunny has been released in hi-res (4Kx2K), high frame rate (60 FPS) and stereo. The rendering was done using BOINC by the Big and Ugly Rendering Project.

Big and Ugly Rendering Project (BURP) is a non-commercial distributed computing project using the BOINC framework. It is under development to work as a publicly distributed system for the rendering of 3D graphics.

BURP also refers to the volunteer and Grid computing software BOINC, because BURP needs BOINC in order to distribute computing tasks among their users. BURP is free software distributed under the GNU General Public License V3 licence. Because BURP is used to refer to both the BOINC project and the BURP back-end software, some confusion can arise when talking about other services running the BURP software.

BOINC users who are considering joining BURP or ORE/ should know that they will not always have work available, as the projects depend on users to submit sessions that need rendering. This may be confusing to new users, as the BOINC client may report "Got 0 new tasks" or other error messages without explaining the reason for not getting any work.
Source: BOINC