Bright Computing and BOSTON Germany partner to bring the benefits of infrastructure management to its customers

22 Jun 2016 Frankfurt - Bright Computing has signed a partnership with BOSTON Germany. BOSTON Server & Storage Solutions GmbH is the Germany-based division of the international BOSTON group. The BOSTON Group has been providing first-to-market technology to a diverse client base since 1992, and its high performance, mission-critical server and storage solutions are tailored to suit the needs of its clients. As an established vendor in the DACH HPC market, BOSTON Germany promises a competitive edge of up to twelve months. BOSTON Germany's engagement in the Cloud computing field also makes them the ideal partner to address the growing service provider market. Another strong base is BOSTON Germany's experience with GPU computing; successful partnerships with NVIDA and Intel provide a solution for nearly any requirement.

BOSTON Germany has chosen to partner with Bright Computing as the company sees great value in coupling Bright's infrastructure management technology to its hardware solutions. Bright technology provides a unified, hardware-agnostic approach to installing, provisioning, configuring, managing, and monitoring HPC clusters, Big Data clusters, and OpenStack Clouds. And, as Bright interoperates with other software solutions such as Mellanox Infiniband, it provides customers with a single pane of glass view of their IT environment; giving BOSTON Germany a unique selling proposition for all its customers.

BOSTON Germany has identified an increasing demand for easy-to-use cluster management software in Germany, not only to service traditional high performance computing, but also the emerging demands of Big Data and Cloud computing infrastructure using OpenStack. Once primarily used within R&D only, more and more enterprises are turning to Big Data technologies to drive agility and achieve competitive advantage. Industry trends like outsourcing and cloud computing are forcing BOSTON Germany's customers to share infrastructure and software. Solutions such as those offered by Bright Computing help BOSTON Germany's clients to keep control of their data and manage their resources efficiently.

Georg Klauser, CEO of BOSTON Germany, commented: "Partnering with Bright makes BOSTON even more attractive to its existing clients, and helps us address new customers. Bright Cluster Manager fits perfectly into our portfolio. Now we can offer unique turnkey solutions with excellent usability."

Clemens Engler, Business Development Director at Bright Computing, added: "BOSTON Germany is a well-respected partner in Germany and we are delighted the company has chosen to offer Bright technology to its partners. We look forward to working together dynamically, to offer robust solutions to the German market."

Source: Bright Computing