SGI achieves top 4 out of 5 most efficient supercomputers on TOP500 list

24 Jun 2014 Milpitas - SGI's ICE X supercomputer platform garnered 4 of the top 5 most efficient supercomputer rankings for standard x86-based systems, including the #1 position, as reported on the newly released TOP500 list. As reported on the latest TOP500 List, these four energy efficient systems are the Irish Centre for High-End Computing (ICHEC), UK's Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE), both Spruce A and Spruce B installations, and Germany's T-Systems. The latest edition of the bi-annual list, reporting on the world's most powerful commercially available computer systems, highlights that SGI ICE X systems can achieve 20 to 40+% higher performance efficiency versus IBM, Bull, HP and Cray systems.

The best-in-class efficiency of SGI ICE X as demonstrated by the TOP500 List helps customers achieve their goals without the performance compromise of less efficient systems. SGI customers such as leading commercial, academic and research institutions are continually pushing the boundaries of computational research, but within the constraints of today's power budget realities. In a world where the power requirements for supercomputers are becoming an increasing burden to budgets, more efficient compute systems translate into direct cost savings without compromise to system requirements. This efficiency enables greater computing power with lower operational costs.

SGI ICE X is the world's fastest distributed memory supercomputer built on a completely open standards platform. It offers best in class speed, scale and efficiency coupled with ultimate flexibility for HPC workflows. The efficiency of SGI ICE X enables greater megaflops per watt to achieve world-class results with less power and operational costs. As HPC (high performance computing) environments face increased challenges to balance performance, power and space within limited budgets, enabling greater efficiencies is an essential system design requirement.

"The efficiency of SGI ICE X enables our customers to achieve industry-leading results within tight budgets, without compromising their performance requirements", stated Jorge Titinger, president and CEO of SGI. "We recognize that power efficiency is one way to optimize operational costs in these high-end environments, and is an ongoing focus in the design of our systems."

The ICE X platform is part of a complete ecosystem of HPC solutions that include Big Data analytics, the SGI UV shared memory system and comprehensive data management solutions.
Source: Rackable Systems