Ever thought of running your simulation via the Cloud? CloudSME provides the right tools.

24 Jun 2014 Leipzig - In the session on HPC Cloud-based simulation services for Mid Caps and SMEs at ISC'14 in Leipzig, Tamas Kiss from the University of Westminster, presented the first results of CloudSME, a project within the European Commission's I4MS initiative, that provides a platform for running manufacturing and engineering simulations on the Cloud.

Tamas Kiss told the audience that simulation software is widely used in manufacturing and engineering today. The simulation can be used to analyse a wide range of physical and chemical processes, manufacturing systems, logistics, transportation networks, and supply chains.

The problems that occur however are the hardware prices, skills and technical expertise, software costs, and time investment to create simulation.

Therefore, CloudSME proposes to use Cloud HPC for running simulations and for automated analysis. There are also new licensing models available via the Cloud, explained Tamas Kiss. It is even possible to create templates for large groups of similar SMEs.

The CloudSME project, which started in July 2013, is developing a Cloud-based one-stop-shop solution.

There are several types of providers. The simulation platform providers utilise PaaS based on their software packages to build a custom simulation. The gateway provider offers a customised gateway as basis for the PaaS solution. This role is performed by MTA SZTAKI in Hungary. The Cloud platform providers take care of seamless access to potentially heterogeneous Cloud platforms: CloudBroker and Scaletools. With their high level interoperability, they are very important for the end user to avoid vendor lock-in, Tamas Kiss explained.

The Cloud infrastructure providers consist of academic and commercial Clouds, for instance MTA SZTAKI and CloudSigma, the University of Westminster, and Unizar in Spain.

The private and public Clouds are offered by MTA SZTAKI with OpenNebula, by BIFI and the University of Westminster with OpenStack.

The Cloud platform layer is general purpose.

Tamas Kiss gave some examples of experiments within CloudSME.

ASCOMP develops and distributes the TransAT commercial software tool. TransAT is a finite-volume code for Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation. It implements state-of-the-art components for the simulation.

Simul8 is a discrete-event process simulation tool developed by the Simul8 Corporation. It is widely used to study problems in manufacturing, health care, commerce and service industries. The HPC Cloud-based Simul8 will improve the results significantly.

INGECON has developed a3D scan Insole designer, a PC-based software platform used in the shoe industry to design tailored insoles for sports enthusiast. The software improves the process of feet scanning and is supporting large number of podiatrist surgeries around Europe.

The competitive Call for CloudSME is closing on June 25, 2014.
Leslie Versweyveld