ISC'13 to kick off in Leipzig

17 Jun 2013 Leipzig - Prof. Dr. Hans Meuer officially opened the International Supercomputing Conference which is hosted for the first time in Leipzig. There will be 350 speakers at the ISC'13 event and 160 research organisations and companies are being represented during the sessions and on the exhibition floor.

Prof. Dr. Meuer provided an overview of the ISC history. The conference started off at the University of Mannheim in 1986 with 81 attendees as a seminar of the Society for Further Education of the University.

Till 1996 the conference welcomed 141 attendees.

In 1997 the conference moved to the Rosengarten Centrum in Mannheim. Prof. Dr. Meuer briefly recalled the legendary social events in Neidenstein.

From 2001 to 2005, the conference was hosted at the Stadthalle in Heidelberg. Some important decisions had to be made at that time. Prof. Dr. Meuer retired from the University of Mannheim and his two sons took over the organisation of the annual conference. The event was renamed to ISC, the International Supercomputing Conference. The official language became English. In 2005, the 20th anniversary was celebrated with a special keynote from Horst Simon.

After the Heidelberg period, the organisers witnessed a high increase in number of attendees, up to approzimately 650 attendees which was mainly due to the attractive location. However, Heidelberg was not suited for a professional exhibition.

Therefore, the event moved to a professional modern Congress Center in Dresden between 2006-2008. Because of the high interest in exhibition needs and an urgent lack of booth space, ISC left Dresden after three years.

From 2009 to 2012, the ISC event took place in Hamburg. In 2012 two new ISC fellows were named and celebrated in Hamburg.

For the first time, the conference has now moved to Leipzig. A programme with many world-renowned speakers is the core of the event. The Congress Center in Leipzig offers excellent lecture rooms for parallel tracks. Exhibitors from all over the world, from academia and industry, are attending ISC'13. To guarantee future success, sponsors with differrent packages are needed. Prof. Dr. Meuer insisted on the win-win situation for sponsors and ISC. The event is backed up by a highly motivated ISC team.

Prof. Dr. Meuer then presented Klaus-Peter Fähnrich from the University of Leipzig for the welcome address.

Klaus-Peter Fähnrich is Head of the local Computing Center in Leipzig. The university was founded 600 years ago. The stock exchange was founded 500 years ago. So the city of Leipzig has a history of science and trade. The famous battle of Leipzig with Napoleon took place 200 years ago and is commemorated with a special Memorial in Leipzig. According to Klaus-Peter Fähnrich, 110 years ago, Leipzig was one of the 10 wealthiest cities in the world.

Martin Meuer presented an overview of ISC'13 programme.

Then it was time for the PRACE and GAUSS awarding. The winning paper for PRACE was "591 TFLOPS Multi-Trillion Particles Simulation on SuperMUC" by Wolfgang Eckhardt et al. from TU Munich. The winning GAUSS paper is titled "TUE, a New Energy-Efficiency Metric Applied at ORNL's Jaguar" by Intel's Dr. Micahel K. Patterson. Both winners will hold a keynote later in the ISC event programme.

The traditional TOP500 awarding this year went to Tianhe-2 or MilkyWay-2, a NUDT TH system at the NUDT, the National University of Defense Technology, in Changsha, China with a Linpack performance of 33,86 Pflop/s, which is two times faster than the previous number 1 system. Prof. Dr. Kai Lu and Prof. Dr. Yutong Lu from NUDT received the award.

The #2 system is Titan, a Cray XK7 system at the US Department of Energy/SC/Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee, USA. Buddy Bland from Oak Ridge and Barry Bolding from Cray received the award.

The #3 system is Sequoia, an IBM BlueGene/QSystem at the US Department of Energy/ NNSA/LLNL, Livermore, California, USA with a Linpack performance of 17,17 Pflop/s. Dr. Bronis R. de Supinski from LLNL and Dr. Chris Maher from IBM received the award.

The #1 system in Europe is JUQUEEN, an IBM BlueGene in FZ Juelich, Germany. Dr. Norbert Attig from FZ Juelich and Andreas Pfleger from IBM received the award.

Leslie Versweyveld