PRACE Prototypes evaluation in ISC'12 BOF session

19 Jun 2012 Hamburg - The Partnership for Advance Computing in Europe (PRACE) explores a set of prototypes to test and evaluate promising new technologies for future multi-Petaflop/s systems. These include GPUs, ARM processors, DSPs and FPGAs as well as novel I/O solutions and hot water cooling. A common goal of all prototypes is to evaluate energy-consumption in terms of "energy-to-solution" to be able to estimate the suitability of those components for future high-end systems. The "Future Technologies" work package has developed an energy-to-solution benchmark suite. A synopsis of the assessments and selected results were presented in a short series of presentations and discussions at the PRACE ISC'12 BOF session.

The latest six PRACE prototypes address three main focus areas, namely, Resilience, Node Accelerators, and Low-Power Alternatives to current HPC architecture. They also have different influence and impact on HPC systems. Some results are directly applicable to current systems, others will affect the next generation of supercomputers, and some are looking to evaluate technologies that will need multiple iterations to become viable HPC alternatives to current hardware paradigms.

Further information about the prototypes is available at
Source: PRACE