How is EuroHPC performing in the TOP500?

23 Jun 2020 Almere - Ad Emmen fromPrimeur Magazineanalysed the EuroHPC achievements in the latest edition of the TOP500. We are just one year away, maybe less, of having supercomputers run that are paid by EuroHPC. What is the current status?

Only the systems in Europe are taking into account in the analysis. In 2020, there are 379 Petaflops of performance for European systems that are listed in the TOP500. These 379 Petaflops are represented by 96 systems. Europe has now close to 100 supercomputers in the TOP500. The overall performance has increased, not the number of systems. More and more powerful machines are getting installed. The total performance amounts to one third of an exaflop. We still are a long way from one exaflop, even if we combine all European systems in the TOP500.

If we focus on the countries that are part of EuroHPC, which are not all European countries, there are 93 systems in the TOP500. The remaining systems for most part are located in Russia. The performance percentage for the EuroHPC systems amounts to 17 percent. This does not really change much over the years.

When we look at the Top 10, the first rank has never been occupied by a European system for decades. Currently, three EuroHPC systems are figuring in the Top 10. These are the HPC5 at Eni in Italy, the Marconi-100 at CINECA in Italy as well, and the Piz Daint at CSCS in Switzerland in tenth position. If we look at the spread, it started out with two systems. Now, EuroHPC is represented for one third in the Top 10 which is corresponding to the original goal of EuroHPC.

If Europe comes up with faster systems, the current systems in the Top 10 are likely going to be kicked out. However, Top 10 rankings do not come cheap because everybody is aiming for a spot on top of the TOP500 list: the United States, China, and Japan which is now at the number one spot with the Fugaku machine and perhaps is likely to stay there for quite some time. However, EuroHPC seems to have reached his goal of HPC leadership already with the current systems in the Top 10.

When taking into account the Top 100, there are on average 35 European systems listed in the Top 100, which represents also one third. In the upper parts of the TOP500, Europe is performing pretty well.

Ad Emmen