PRACE concluded an exciting and inspiring week at SC17

12 Dec 2017 Denver - The SC17 Exhibition doors closed on 16 November 2017 in Denver, Colorado. Now it is time to wrap up all the different activities at the PRACE booth which welcomed the SC visitors from 13 November to 16 November 2017. Serge Bogaerts, PRACE Managing Director held a brief and warm welcome talk to open the PRACE booth during the SC17 Exhibition Opening Gala on Monday evening.

This year PRACE opened its presentation space for PRACE-relevant talks as well to several other topics, which were connected to PRACE members and/or to the PRACE Implementation Project like:

  • energy efficiency & power management by speakers from Atos, Maxeler Technologies, and E4 Computer Engineering
  • presentations dealing with the path to Exascale by speakers from University of Innsbruck, Technical University of Munich, INRIA, and EPCC
  • the EXDCI project was presented by Francois Bodin
  • Daichi Mukunoki, winner of the PRACE-ISC Research Poster Award 2017, talked about: Implementation and Evaluation of 2.5D Matrix a Multiplication on the K computer.
  • The NOMAD Laboratory, European Centre of Excellent presented by Dieter Kranzelm├╝ller, Director of the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ)

The wide range of presentation topics attracted SC visitors, and gave the PRACE team and guest speakers an awesome occasion to have inspired discussions with the participants.

Furthermore, PRACE donated for the second time prizes to the SC17 Scavenger Hunt organised by the Students@SC programme. A good opportunity for the PRACE team to interact with undergraduate international students and to inform them about the training & education possibilities in PRACE when they dropped by the PRACE booth during the Scavenger Hunt.

Last but not least, to highlight the European HPC Ecosystem on the international floor PRACE and EXDCI shared the booth space for the second time at SC17.

The PRACE team is looking forward to welcome you all at SC18 in Dallas, Texas.

Source: PRACE