Software sustainability checklist from the Netherlands eScience Center

15 Dec 2015 Amsterdam - Mateusz Kuzak from the Netherlands eScience Center states in the Software Sustainability Institute's blog that the Netherlands eScience Center aims to share as much code as possible between its diverse research projects. The scientists at the Center also want to share their code with research communities. One of the reasons why they do this is to increase sustainability of their software, by extending its life beyond the life of the projects.

How to practically approach this goal? What makes software easy or hard to take and reuse for your own project? What makes it easy to contribute to and to improve it? It's not enough to put open source license on the software. The scientists must minimize the friction of software reuse and contribution. This is why they recently designed a checklist for code developed at the eScience Center. It has been largely influenced by open source software community standards. Some of the decisions are arbitrary, like the choice of GitHub as code hosting service. They want the checklist to be easy to follow, without long discussions on implementation. They would be very keen to to get some feedback on it from research software developer community.

Source: Software Sustainability Institute