Fall 2015 edition of the e-IRG newsletter available

25 Nov 2015 The Hague - The Fall edition of the e-IRG newsletter is now available for download. Highlights include summaries of the e-IRG Delegates Meeting and e-IRG Workshop in Riga; an overview of the European Commission's Work Programme 2016-2017; summaries of the WIRE 2015 session, the PLAN-E Workshop, and the 6th RDA Plenary Meeting; interviews with Sergio Andreozzi about the Open Science Commons, with Augusto Burgueño Arjona about the European supercomputer programme; with Wolfram Horstmann about the big relevance of the long tail of research, and with the representatives of the Mont-Blanc and DEEP-ER exascale projects; presentations of the IDC assessment of the European HPC strategy and the new HPC initiatives in Europe's Horizon 2020; the announcement of the upcoming e-IRG Workshop in Luxembourg; and many more.
Source: e-IRG