Cirrascale announces premier deep learning 4U rackmount server supporting 10 PCIe Gen3 devices with support for NVIDIA Tesla accelerated computing platform

17 Nov 2015 Austin - Cirrascale Corporation has launched the GX8 Series rackmount servers designed around its 96-lane Gen3 PCIe switch-enabled risers. The new rackmount server supports up to 10 PCIe Gen 3.0 devices, including the new NVIDIA Tesla M40 GPU accelerators, enabling multi-device peering on a single PCIe root complex and making it a perfect solution for highly parallel applications and libraries like those used for deep learning, data analytics and molecular dynamics such as Torch 7, Theano, Caffe, and AMBER.

By utilizing the Cirrascale SR3615 PCIe 96-lane switch riser, the GX8 Series supports up to eight NVIDIA Tesla M40 GPU accelerators and provides room for additional InfiniBand or NVMe storage devices while enabling increased bandwidth and lower latencies between PCIe Gen3 devices than are possible in traditional systems. By enabling up to 8 discrete GPUs to communicate directly with each other on the PCI bus, free of the need for host CPU intervention, they can create a "micro-cluster", sharing a single memory address space. Overall, the Cirrascale GX8 Series is perfectly aligned for various GPU accelerated applications, including those for deep learning, data analytics, and molecular dynamics.

The Cirrascale GX8 Series rackmount servers are immediately available to order and will be shipping in volume in late Q4 2015. Licensing opportunities will also be available immediately to both customers and partners.
Source: Cirrascale