Bavaria will not join the bidding for a pre-exascale EuroHPC supercomputer

4 Mar 2019 Munich - Markus Rinderspacher from the SPD party said the Bavarian Ministry for Science told him Bavaria does not intend to join the bidding for a pre-exascale supercomputing for which call is now open by the EurohPC JU.

According to Markus Rinderspacher the "Wissenschaftsminister" Bernd Sibler told him the Bavarian government does not look at participating because of financing and performance obligations. Markus Rinderspacher also said the German Federal Government does not want to participate in a pre-exascale call. That is true, but the Federal government is very interested in the next phase exascale system and the soon to open Reseach and Innovation programme of EuroHPC and intends to invest in those.

According to Markus Rinderspacher Bavaria is missing a big opportunity to further put itself on the supercomputing map. The state, still according to Markus Rinderspacher has the expertise and resources to compete with China and the US.

Currently the LRZ near Munich houses the SuperMUC NG, the fastest supercomputer in Germany and among the ten fastest supercomputers in the world.

For more information on the German and LRZ exascale plans read:

Ad Emmen