Portugal supports Spanish application for pre-exascale EuroHPC supercomputer

26 Nov 2018 Valladolid - Spain and Portugal have signed an agreement for the creation of the Iberian Advanced Computing Network in 2019. The objective is to coordinate policies, strategies and initiatives of both in supercomputing, distributed computing and quantum computing, which will allow to enhance different scientific-technological areas, such as medicine, the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry, agro-industry, new materials, energy, security and communication.

Both countries have also agreed on a single application for the Barcelona Supercomputing Center - National Center for Supercomputing (BSC-CNS) to host a pre-exescale machine in 2021, as part of the EuroHPC - European High-Perfomance Computing Joint Undertaking - initiative. Portugal will contribute 5% of the total cost of the project for five years, obtaining in return a priority use of the utilisation of the infrastructure. Spain will support the Portuguese application to EuroHPC for a petascale supercomputer.

The agreement also includes the Spanish participation in Portuguese HPC projects, such as the Minho Advanced Computer Center (MACC) and the AIR_DataNet project, within the Atlantic International Research Center (AirCenter). In terms of distributed computing, the signatory countries intend to further develop the Iberian infrastructure called Ibergrid for the development and integration of thematic services of interest to the scientific and technological communities of Spain and Portugal.

An agreement between the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) and the Portuguese Innovation Agency (ANI), aims to boost the participation of SMEs and the identification of technological and industrial areas for calls of the EUROHPC initiative.

In the area of ​​quantum computing, the aim is to promote and intensify bilateral cooperation through a work plan in coordinated by BSC-CNS and the International Iberian Nanotechnology Institute (INL).

Ad Emmen