Despite EuroHPC programme Europe losing ground in the TOP500 of the world's fastest supercomputers

13 Nov 2017 Denver - In the most recent November 2017 TOP500 list, Europe houses only 93 machines. This is the lowest number in many years. Just half a year ago in June, the number was 106. If we look at systems in the European Union (EU), the situation is even more dramatic: Only 86 supercomputers can be found in the EU.

In the Top10, only one European system can be found - the Piz Daint in Switzerland, none in the European Union.

The only positive thing that can be mentioned is that the number of European machines in the Top100 stayed constant. Of the world's 100 fastest supercomputers, 38 are located in Europe, only one less than 6 months ago. Of these, 35 are located within the European Union. Europe mainly lost positions on the lower regions of the TOP500, because China is massively investing in HPC systems.

The EuroHPC programme not only wants to bring machines in Europe back in the upper regions of the TOP500, it also wants a supercomputer built with European technology in the Top3 by 2023.

What is the current status? There is no machine in the TOP500 purely based on European technology. There are several European manufacturers, system integrators, that are selling HPC systems. We only looked at those that are headquartered in Europe. There are currently 26 systems in the TOP500 which are manufactured by European companies. Of these, 22 are from vendors in the EU. Atos Bull is by far the largest with 17 systems.

Over the past year the number of European built systems has decreased from 31 a year ago for Europe in total and 25 for EU manufactured systems.

So it seems we are a long way from the goal of having Europe as an important HPC player in the exascale era.

Ad Emmen