Primeur Magazine team unveils the largest directory of HPC organisations in the universe

4 Sep 2017 Almere - The Primeur Magazine team has collected a list of over 1750 organisations in the world that are somehow connected to HPC. This is the largest directory of HPC organisations in the universe. The organisations range from HPC hardware component manufacturers to organisations that use HPC.

The list is available at .

You can also access it through the easy to remember link: .

The public part of the list includes the name of the organisation, the place where it is located and an identifier (URI).

The URI mostly leads to the organisation's website (but not always), and the place in which the organisation is located. When an organisation has a department or subsidiaries, we mostly link the highest level only. Access is free, but you are asked to register.

This public list is just a small part of the data the Primeur Magazine team has available. You can contact the team for more information.

Apart from , you can also visit - the Primeur Magazine news service - and , a focus site on European Exascale supercomputing developments.
Ad Emmen