How Europe is preparing its core solution for exascale machines and a global, sovereign, advanced computing platform

EPI common platform architecture. Credit: EPI.
14 Aug 2020 Paris - EPI Consortium members published a paper titled "How Europe Is Preparing Its Core Solution for Exascale Machines and a Global, Sovereign, Advanced Computing Platform" inMathematical and Computational Applications2020, 25, 46.

In this paper, the authors present an overview of the European Processor Initiative (EPI), one of the cornerstones of the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking, a new European Union strategic entity focused on pooling the Union's and national resources on HPC to acquire, build and deploy the most powerful supercomputers in the world within Europe.

EPI started its activities in December 2018. The first three years drew processor and platform designers, embedded software, middleware, applications and usage experts from 10 EU countries together to co-design Europe's first HPC Systems on Chip and accelerators with its unique Common Platform (CP) technology. One of EPI's core activities also takes place in the automotive sector, providing architectural solutions for a novel embedded high-performance computing (eHPC) platform and ensuring the overall economic viability of the initiative.

An open access version of the article is available online .
Source: European Processor Initiative - EPI