Several Italian Researh organisations, including INFN, and INAF, have formed a Joint Research Unit (JRU) "HPC4NDR - High Performance Computing for Natural Disaster Resilience"

20 Jul 2020 Almere - The Joint Research Unit (JRU) "HPC4NDR - High Performance Computing for Natural Disaster Resilience" is aimed at coordinating research and development activities in high performance computing with the aim the reduction of risks associated with natural disasters.

Italy participates, as a founding country, in the EuroHPC (High Performance Computing) Joint Undertaking, which has as its mandate that of deploying in Europe a world-class supercomputing infrastructure and a competitive innovation ecosystem in supercomputing technologies, applications and skills. Italy participates in the Governing Board of the Joint Undertaking EuroHPC and in all its activities with a broad involvement of the national scientific community.

HPC4NDR aims to promote and facilitate the Italian participation in the activities of the Joint Undertaking EuroHPC, favouring the creation of a competence centre on High Performance Computing to reduce the risks associated with natural disasters, which is part of the national eco-system of innovation. These objectives will also be pursued through the management and analysis of large quantities of data (High Performance Data Analysis), which includes Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques, and aims to support the processes of understanding, preparing and mitigating the risks associated with natural disasters, the strengthening of resilience, as well as the processes of reconstruction and economic and social development in the areas concerned. Paola Inverardi of the University of Aquila, is substitute member of the Board of EuroHPC. The earthquake in Aquila on April 6, 2009 triggered research cooperation on national disasters in Italy. Paola Inverardi was member of the emergency commission that was set up.

HPC4NDR will carry out the coordination of its activities and participation in European initiatives also through the recognition and systematization of resources of the members of the JRU.

HPC4NDR may also carry out activities relating to the infrastructure construction phase, defined in subsequent specific operational plans adopted by mutual agreement between the parties and in particular may participate in European funding programmes, which include activities aimed at the construction of research infrastructures or the their scientific and technological use.

One of the three EuroHPC pre-exascale systems called Leonardo will be located in CINECA, Bologna, Italy and will most likely be operational early next year.

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