Hungary joins Italian pre-exascale EuroHPC consortium

22 Jul 2019 Budapest - Hungary is also taking part in the Italian-led consortium that will create one of the world's largest capacity supercomputers in Bologna by mid-2020.

Ensuring adequate supercomputing (HPC) capacity for scientific, innovative workshops with the highest added value is key to Europe's economic competitiveness and social well-being. Recognizing the need for this, the European Union established the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking in autumn 2018, of which Hungary is also a founding member.

Within the Joint Undertaking, three large and five smaller HPC centres will be set up in a consortium within a year, in a consortium with several Member States. The cost of implementation is half the resources of the consortium members and the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking.

The tender was only awarded to the country providing the site within one year to provide the appropriate machine room and service engineering, energy supply, cooling and the presence of a specialist team. The Bologna-based CINECA non-profit organisation fulfils all the conditions, together with the Finnish and Spanish leaders, and the consortium of Italy and three other members.

According to the Hungarian government's assessment, investing in high-performance computing is essential for creating world-class knowledge and achieving progress. Hungary has therefore joined the Italian-led consortium. The contribution is non-monetary, with the support and work of Hungarian experts and scientists supporting the establishment, operation and development of services.

Thanks to the accession, a number of Hungarian research teams working on complex research topics will be able to gain access to one of the world's most advanced (150 PetaFlops processing speed) supercomputers. Priority applications of technology include pharmaceutical and chemical research, artificial intelligence, self-propelled vehicles, related infrastructure, etc.
Source: Hungarian State Secretary for Knowledge and Innovation Management