Spring 2020 edition of the e-IRG Magazine available

29 Jun 2020 The Hague - The e-Infrastructure Reflection Group (e-IRG) has published a new edition of the e-IRG Magazine. The Spring edition is now available for download.

Highlights include summaries of the e-IRG Delegates Meetings under the Finnish EU Presidency which took place in Kajaani and at the House of Sciences and Letters in Helsinki, Finland, and of the e-IRG Open Workshop at CERN in Switzerland.

The magazine provides an overview of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) developments that were addressed by regional projects and infrastructures in a series of position papers. Please, also note that the e-IRG Knowledge Base is now available as a service at the EOSC marketplace.

This e-IRG Magazine edition also contains interviews with Ivan Maric, e-IRG Delegate from SRCE in Croatia on the e-IRG plans, the European Open Science Cloud and EuroHPC; with Philippe Notton from SiPearl about the European Processor Initiative developments; and with Kimmo Koski from CSC in Finland about the LUMI supercomputer.

You can preview, and consult the e-IRG Magazine at http://e-irg.eu/magazine .

Or you can directly download the PDF:

Source: e-IRG