Lithuania to join EuroHPC

1 Jun 2018 Vilnius - "Lithuania is interested in joining the European High Performance Computing Initiative (EuroHPC). This will allow our country to use the possibilities for computing the highest-capacity data", stated G. Viliunas, Vice-Minister of Education and Science. Lithuanian science and business will be able to use world-class supercomputers for large-scale calculations in areas such as health, climate change, industry, cyber security, energy, artificial intelligence, and economic forecasts.

Having assessed the importance of high-performance calculations and the limited ability of the Member States of the European Union to create separate world-class high performance computing systems, the European Commission together with the Member States, including Lithuania, will establish a European high-speed computer joint venture to implement this initiative. In 2019, when the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking will start its operations, supercomputers will be brought to EU Member States.

Lithuanian researchers and business will also be able to participate in EuroHPC research and development programme invitations. Lithuania will become a member of EuroHPC by opening up a part of the access time for external users from other European countries to the efficient computing infrastructure operating at Vilnius University.

High-performance calculations have an increasing impact on research and development, and industry competitiveness. Supercomputers are deployed to address scientific and technological issues that are not standard enough for standardized computing.

High-performance calculations are needed to address social challenges such as early diagnosis of diseases, and climate change projections. They are applied in a wide range of research areas, for example, in identifying DNA sequences in the industrial, security and defense fields.

Source: Lithuanian Ministry of Education and Science