Only half of the EuroHPC countries confirmed they will participate in co-funding EuroHPC projects

25 May 2020 Almere - Of the 32 countries participating in EuroHPC, only 16 confirmed they will participate in co-funding EuroHPC projects from the 2020 calls. Two countries said they will not co-fund any activity - the Netherlands and Estonia. The other countries have not yet published their position. The first call already closes in July 2020. Preparation of proposals for that call will be very difficult for proposers that do not know what co-funding they can expect.

From all the 32 EuroHPC countries, the Netherlands, who were amongst the 7 countries that initiated the EuroHPC Declaration in March 2017, is the only country that did not participate in any EuroHPC activity thusfar. For organisations active in HPC in the Netherlands, this means they have to pay the 50% of their participation that is not funded by the EuroHPC budget, themselves, while organisations in other countries get the 50% funded by their national funding organisation.

We have collected all the information on the EuroHPC 2020 calls on at
Ad Emmen