Details of 23 projects that receive EuroHPC JU funding

4 Jan 2021 Almere - The research and innovation funding programme from the EuroHPC JU is special in that it includes money from different European research programmes, augmented by additional funding from almost all countries participating in EuroHPC.

The first EuroHPC calls were from 2019, and also in 2020 there were some calls for projects. Meanwhile 23 research and innovation projects have been approved.

We listed them for you on our portal covering HPC in Europe: .

The information is integrated into our HPC World Knowledge Graph, so for the project partners you can click further to get information on each partner organisation.

For each EuroHPC project we list all details that are currently available. The data, especially for the more recently approved projects, is not complete yet. We will add information when it comes available, so please check regularly into our portal if you want to be kept up to date.

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Ad Emmen