ETP4HPC published latest release of its Strategic Research Agenda: European Road towards exascale

13 Nov 2017 Amsterdam - The European HPC group ETP4HPC has published the 3rd version of its Strategic Research Agenda (SRA). The ETP4HPC Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) outlines a roadmap for the achievement of exascale capabilities by the European High-Performance Computing (HPC) ecosystem. The milestones set in the SRA are used to define the contents of HPC Technology R&D Work Programmes such as the European Union's Horizon2020 and FP9.

There is an emphasis in this SRA on the concept of European HPC system prototypes, which ETP4HPC calls "Extreme-Scale Demonstrators" (EsDs). The other focal area included is that of Big Data, which has emerged as an increasingly pervasive topic and a priority since our last SRA. Both topics received a lot of attention in the course of developing the material for this SRA.

This edition of the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) outlines the European research priorities in the area of HPC technology. The provision of HPC technology is viewed here as one of the three pillars of European HPC, alongside infrastructure and application expertise. The importance of HPC is now widely recognised and European HPC has a good momentum due to the investments made and programmes launched. Europe is improving its position to compete with other regions in the area of HPC technology provision.

The level of HPC deployment in Europe matches its worldwide economic and academic position. The development of European HPC technology should continue along the seven main research lines (HPC System Architecture and Components, System Software and Management, Programming Environment, Energy and Resiliency, Balance Compute, I/O and Storage Performance, Big Data and HPC usage Models, Mathematics and algorithms for extreme scale HPC systems) but it also includes the concept of prototyping with the extreme scale demonstrators - to test the readiness of the European technology projects, vendors and users to produce a globally competitive HPC system.

ETP4HPC also believes that two other areas, namely support mechanisms for SMEs and Start-ups and Education and Training needs to remain as priorities to help Europe compete in this complex market.

Ad Emmen