Interview with Michael Resch in Spektrum about the China-USA supercomputing race and the Hazel Hen supercomputer in Stuttgart

Michael Resch (photo: Boris Lehner für HLRS)
1 Nov 2015 Stuttgart - The German magazine Spektrum runs a longer interview with HLRS director Michael Resch. His comment on the US/China rivalry: It is just about being on top the list and about nothing else. Resch expects an exaflop/s supercomputer will have about 100 million cores. How to program this is an unsolved problem.

Resch also elaborates on the collaboration with Porsche. One hour of using the supercomputer for simulation costs about 7.000 Euro. About 10% of this is for energy.

See also our video from the ISC15 conference with Michael Resch about the collaboration with Porsche:

The Spektrum article is in German:
Ad Emmen