Quantum materials: A new paradigm for computing? Overview MIT symposium by Denis Paiste

Photo: Maria Aglietti/Materials Processing Center
8 Nov 2015 Boston - Diamond spintronics and graphene-based infrared detectors are among leading-edge technologies reported at the annual Materials Day Symposium at MIT. Denis Paiste | Materials Processing Center summarizes in MIT news. Paiste notes: "A new family of quantum materials, including graphene, hexagonal boron nitride and molybdenum disulfide, and nitrogen vacancy centers in diamond, are at the forefront of recent scientific research. They are being explored for their unusual electronic, optical and magnetic properties with special interest in their potential uses for sensing, information processing and memory." He cites George Bourianoff, who is a Special Consultant to Intel's Microprocessor Research Labs: "What you'd like in beyond CMOS computing are patterns and image streams, not bits and bit streams. We want approximate and probabilistic; we want nonlinear operators; and then we want complex connection topologies which can be learned and suited to the task at hand."
Ad Emmen