EuroHPC progressing towards European exascale and expanding with new member states

Picture: Bart De Moor
11 Oct 2017 Brussels - On October 5, the member states (countries) involved in EuroHPC and the European Commission had a meeting in Brussels. According to the Commission during this meeting, the signatory member states of the EuroHPC declaration provided testimonials of their interest and role in the EuroHPC initiative. This served to illustrate to all the other European countries the incentives to collaborate at European level.

In addition, all member states recognised at the meeting that EuroHPC can only be successful if implemented at European level, as no MS can develop, build and maintain an exascale computing infrastructure by its own. They agreed that it is the right instrument to share the big investment costs of procuring exascale supercomputers based on competitive European technology and to develop further the European HPC ecosystem, comprising hardware and software components, applications, and skills.

A few more members states have announced their intention to sign the EuroHPC declaration and join the initiative in the next weeks. Some others explained that their decision will come after reflections at national level. And a few others stated that they need to further reflect how well is EuroHPC connected to their national priorities and smart specialisation strategies in order to better assess potential benefits before they can take the next steps. Primeur Magazineexpects that Bulgaria will be amongst those new signatories as it was already briefly inked in in one of the Commissioners' agenda.

During the meeting a recurrent question was about the instrument that the Commission will propose to implement EuroHPC, its governance structure, but also where to find the required budget. These questions will be further elaborated in a next EuroHPC meeting that will take place in the following weeks. The results will be integrated in the Commission proposal for a Council regulation defining the EuroHPC instrument that it intends to propose before end 2017.

In a previous article we explained the European Union is investing some 500 million euro in HPC in the coming two years. You can follow Europe's journey to exascale on .

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