Horizon 2020 proposers days in Budapest have a large HPC session

9 Oct 2017 Budapest - The Horizon 2020 proposers days next month in Budapest (9-10 November) cover the new calls for the 2018-2020 work programme of Hprizon 2020. The days are an opportunity to meet other potential proposers and to discuss possible proposals. There is a large HPC session at the event. In the coming work programme there are several opportunities related to HPC.

The HPC session will present the recent progress made on the European High-Performance Computing strategy. It will cover the scope and objectives of the EuroHPC declaration signed by several Member States to set up a framework for the development of a pan-European High-Performance Computing and data infrastructure.

A presentation will show how the different elements of the European High-Performance Computing strategy will be implemented across H2020 (FET, LEIT-ICT and e-INFRA) and CEF work programmes in the 2018-2020 timeframe in order to move towards the achievement of the strategic objectives.

The networking session will then open the floor to the public. The goal is to enable a broad and multi-disciplinary dialogue, help participants understand the various elements that implement the HPC strategy and find partners for collaborative relationships, enlarge and enhance stakeholder communities and connect better research to innovation.

Coordinator of the session is Dagmar Floeck (European Commission, DG CNECT/C2 High Performance Computing & Quantum Technologies, Luxembourg), Juan Pelegrin European Commission, European Commission DG Connect, Unit C2. High Performance Computing and Quantum Technology, Luxembourg).

Ad Emmen