ETP4HPC 2017 Handbook of European HPC Exascale Projects

6 Oct 2017 Amsterdam - ETP4HPC published its "2017 Handbook of European HPC Projects". It contains descriptions of 29 European Exascale HPC projects. It describes technology and applications projects within the European HPC ecosystem, with an emphasis on their international collaboration potential.

The workbook will be used during the SC17 Bird-of-a-Feather session on European Exascale Projects and Their Global Contributions in Denver, Colorado - November 14th in Room 501-502 from 5.15 to 7pm.

The book describes a selection of European HPC projects. The ones that are more focused on maintaining infrastructures like PRACE, or more geared towards research into building blocks, are not included. For a complete list of European projects see .

The ETP4HPC handbook includes not only a description of the project, but also lists the partners and provides contact details.

Ad Emmen