EUDAT glues Virtual Physiological Human framework together

30 Oct 2015 Brussels - EUDAT publishes an interview with Stefan Zasada, a Senior Research Associate at University College London (UCL) who is involved in the Virtual Physiological Human framework (VPH). Zasada told EUDAT that VPH was funded by the European Union (EU) with the goal of making collaborative investigation of the human body possible across all the relevant scales (from the level of molecules through cells and organs to the whole body). We are introducing multiscale methodologies (that is, working on different scales within the body) into medical and clinical research - for example, in predictive disease modelling or to optimize cancer treatment for an individual. Today, the VPH Institute, a not-for-profit organisation, and individual VPH-type projects are being funded through different H2020 calls. Because of this, the current phase of the EUDAT project provides a welcome glue to help the VPH community maintain cohesion through a centralised data storage service.
Ad Emmen