UberCloud provides engineering HPC-in-the-Cloud services using Docker

16 Oct 2015 Frankfurt - The UberCloud is an online marketplace with 34 stores providing computational engineering services. UberCloud's Wolfgang Gentzsch explained in the Docker workshop at the ISC Cloud & Big Data Conference in Frankfurt they used Docker containers right from the start. The latest development are the UberCloud application containers. These are based on Docker, but enhanced for engineering & scientific applications. They contain software packages designed to deliver the tools that an engineer needs.

The UberCloud application containers are ready to execute in an instant. Software is pre-installed, configured, and tested, and running on bare metal, without loss of performance. Currently there are UberCloud application containers for many ISV application packages, including ANSYS, CD-adapco, Numeca, OpenFOAM, Gromacs, and Scilab.

Meanwhile UberCloud has built a complete Dockerized technical computing ecosystem.

In the video recording of the presentation, Wolfgang Gentzsch demonstrates live an application of OpenFoam on the UberCloud.

Ad Emmen