Docker introduction for HPC in 110 slides

15 Oct 2015 Frankfurt - During the Docker workshop at the ISC Cloud & Big Data Conference in Frankfurt, Holger Gantikow from Science and Computing gave an in-depth introduction into Docker. His presentation was split into 4 parts. Part I: What is Docker?; Part II: Why Docker matters; Part III: A little bit of security; Part IV: Getting started.

He explained Docker for real use, hence included also how to run applications that need an FlexLM Licence manager.

In the second part Gantikow explained why Docker matters for High-performance computing. Docker containers are more portable than traditional VMs, but have less overhead, and the performance is better. There is also a negative side to containers: the security is weaker than that of traditional VMs, although containers are catching up.

Holger Gantikow continued with examples on how to install and run Docker, and use it for applications. He concluded that Docker containers are not about virtualization 2.0. They are pretty good for portable deployment, sharing, and re-use of components. They have better performance for computing than classic virtualization, but security has to be ensured so that getting started is easy. The video recording of his presentation is about 50 minutes.

Ad Emmen