Cloud and ice meet: Integrating with UberCloud, the online cloud community for engineers and scientists on Nordic Advania Cloud

14 Oct 2015 Reykjavík - HPC in the Cloud company Advania published a case study "Integrating with UberCloud, the online cloud community for engineers and scientists". UberCloud is the online community and marketplace where engineers, scientists, and their service providers discover, try, and buy Computing Power and Software as a Service, from Cloud Resource and Software Providers around the world. An Advania Qstack Cloud Service demo account was created and the Advania control panel was used as the primary method of infrastructure administration for a Proof of Concept study, using Platinum 3x Large instances with specifications: 16 virtual CPU cores; 61 GB RAM; 20 GB disk was selected. The Advania instances were accessed via SSH, and the Docker run time environment was set up. The UberCloud OpenFOAM container was pulled from the UberCloud private registry.

The case study provides a lot of details and concludes with a number of benefits, including for the end-user:

  • Portability: any cloud looks like the user’s workstation
  • User-friendly: nothing new to learn, ease of access and use
  • Control: container monitoring allows the user to control his assets in the cloud.
Ad Emmen