Some details about major Luxembourg/European Union supercomputer initiative for Europe

8 Jan 2016 Luxembourg - Several billion euros are needed in the coming years in the European Union to develop and invest in supercomputers. Commissioner Oettinger and Étienne Schneider, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Economy of Luxembourg, write this in a joint blog post. They elaborate a bit on the announcement of the IPCEI in HPC announced two months ago in Luxembourg. Luxembourg, France, Italy and Spain, in close consultation with other Member States, will provide an HPC and Big Data Enabled Applications implementation roadmap to the European Council and European Commission in September 2016. Both steps are needed in order to improve the European capabilities in the digital area significantly.

Oettinger and Schneider write that the European Commission will do its part and soon launch a major initiative addressing the deployment in Europe of a world-class data and computing infrastructure: the European Cloud Initiative. This strategy includes the HPC infrastructure layer and foresees a Cloud where data needed for European research can be stored and processed. It builds on the idea that no Member State on its own can finance the infrastructure needed but we have to coordinate our financial instruments.

Concerning the financing they think that to develop the HPC part, the EU needs several billion euros – an amount no individual Member State can or is willing to finance on its own. That is why everyone has to join forces to close the investment gap by bringing together regional and national funding with complementary European funding mechanisms.

Ad Emmen