Anders Dam Jensen director of EuroHPC JU

24 Sep 2020 Luxembourg - The EuroHPC JU Governing Board has appointed Anders Dam Jensen as Executive Director of the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking. The EuroHPC JU is now solely responsible for its operations and has the capacity to implement its own budget. Before it was operated by the European Commission.

Anders Dam Jensen has a lifelong interest in supercomputers, dating from his time in university where he earned a Master of Science in Engineering degree (specialising in electronics and computer science) and an MBA from the Technical University of Denmark. He started his professional career with 10 years of engineering work developing computing hardware and software for embedded systems, before successfully shifting into senior management positions in the ICT sector.

As an IT Director, Mr. Jensen built up a very successful IT service provider for the airline industry. In 2011, Mr. Jensen joined the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) as Director for Information and Communication Technology Management. This position helped him to become well versed in the areas of human resources, finance, budgeting, procurement, and recruitment in a public sector context, while developing experience as regards international organisations. Thanks to his strong technical background, his excellent knowledge of the industry and his management career, Anders Dam Jensen brings to the JU a vast set of assets that will help the EuroHPC initiative to flourish.
Ad Emmen