Spain and Italy add members to their pre-exascale consortia

19 Sep 2019 Helsinki - Several European countries joined the pre-exascale consortia led by BSC in Spain and CINECA in Italy. The Spain-led consortium added Ireland and Romania in addition to Portugal, Turkey and Croatia that were already member. The Italy-led consortium is expanded with Austria and Slovakia. Hungary and Slovenia were already member. The Finnish-led consortium is with 9 members still the biggest.

In total 20 countries are member of a pre-exascale consortium. Each consortium will install a +200 Petaflop/s supercomputer by the end of next year. In addition, 6 countries participate in petascale consortia for 5 smaller supercomputers. There is some overlap. Taking that into account, there are 22 countries out of the 29 EuroHPC that are committed to either a pre-exascale or a petascale EuroHPC supercomputer.

Germany and France confirmed their intention to work on the aquisition of an exascale supercomputer in a next funding round. So 5 EuroHPC countries do not have, or did not reveal, plans to participate in a EuroHPC supercomputer hosting consortium.

We have a page with more information about the pre-exascale and petascale systems:

Ad Emmen