France invests 44 million euro in supercomputer development in 2018-2020

25 Sep 2018 Paris - The French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe has presented a plan to help transforming French industry with the help of ICT. As part of the plan, France will invest another 44 million euro in supercomputing, bringing the total for the 2013-2020 period to 400 million euro. The collaboration between research institute CEA and supercomputing manufacturer Atos/Bull is at the core of the French supercomputing development.

Over the period 2013-2020, this public-private partnership represents an investment of R&D amounting to about 400 million euro including public funding of 152 million euro.

According to the French government, Atos is the last player in Europe capable of designing supercomputers in the state of the art world. Today, only the United States, Japan and China have builders who master the entire technological chain, from the design of processors to the design of large computing systems.

France is one of the driving forces behind EuroHPC.

Ad Emmen