Romania could join EuroHPC as 23rd country

Minister Bogdan Cojocaru, is charing a meeting on High Performance Computing at the Ministry of Research and Innovation
14 Sep 2018 Bucarest - The Romanian Government has discussed a Memorandum on joining EuroHPC. This means EuroHPC JU is likely to have at least 23 countries when it starts. It is not yet known when the official signature procedure for the EuroHPC declaration by Romania will take place. In a prepreratory meeting headed by the Romanian Minister of Communication and Information Society, Petru Bogdan Cojocaru, it was noted that "Romania's accession to this European initiative is necessary to keep our country in the economic race of an era of informational supercomputer speed. Our country's participation in this initiative demonstrates Romania's seriousness and commitment not only to the European partners and NATO, but also to maintaining the competitiveness aspects - stimulating the local labor force specialized in ICT, providing a framework for high quality research and the development of a strong economy that fully exploits the rapid access to information resulting from the processing of very varied data in very large quantities."

Update: 2018-09-17 - Meanwhile the Romanian governement has confirmed they did adopt the " Memorandum Euro HPC ".

Ad Emmen