How smart is the Watson supercomputer really?

7 Sep 2017 Cambridge - In an article in the Scientific American titled "IBM Pitched Its Watson Supercomputer as a Revolution in Cancer Care. It's Nowhere Close", Casey Ross and Ike Swetlitz write that after three years after IBM began selling Watson for Oncology to recommend cancer treatments to doctors, it's falling short of the lofty expectations IBM created for it.

The article from Casey Ross and Ike Swetlitz first appeared in STAT. IBM executives acknowledged to STAT that Watson for Oncology, which has been in development for nearly six years, is in its infancy. But they said it is improving rapidly, noting that by year's end, the system will offer guidance about treatment for 12 cancers that account for 80 percent of the world's cases. They said it's saving doctors time and ensuring that patients get top-quality care.

Ad Emmen