Tianhe-2A upgrade to 94,97 Petaflop/s

21 Sep 2017 Guangzhou - Satoshi Matsuoka and James Lin reported on twitter about the announcement of details of the Tianhe-2A supercomputer installed at National Super Computer Center in Guangzhou reveiled during the IHPCF 2017 Forum. The world's second fastest will be upgraded to 94,97 Petaflop/s. This is achieved by replacing the KNC accelerators in the original Tianhe-2 with Chinese technology: the Matrix-2000 accelerator. Originally the plan was to use new Intel accelerators, but this was embargoed by the US government. The performance will most likely keep the system in the top 3 of the world's fastest supercomputers.

The Tianhe-2A has 17792 nodes, each with Intel CPU and Matrix-2000 accelerator. The memory is 3,4 Petabyte. Total power consumption is about 18 MWatt. Energy efficiency is better than 5 Glops/W.

According to Satoshi Matsuoka the KNL on the board of the Tianhe-2 is swapped out and replaced with a board with 4 Matrix2000s. The DIMMs are socketed but CPU packages are directly soldered, as his pictures show.

Ad Emmen