EUROFUSION supercomputing services MARCONI inaugaurated

14 Sep 2016 Bologna - The inauguration of the MARCONI supercomputing services for EUROFUSION started at CINECA, Bologna, Italy. ENEA and CINECA won the international selection to provide supercomputing and storage services to EUROFUSION. The European Consortium for the Development of Fusion will make available to the international scientific community part of the major Italian research supercomputer called MARCONI. The initial costs will be around 30 million euro.

The inauguration of the service will be held on September 14 at 11.00 am at CINECA, during the EUROFUSION Committee project meeting.

CINECA is the Supercomputing Center for the most important research in Italy, based in Reno (Bologna).

At the meeting, speakers are the Chairman of ENEA, Federico Testa, Director of CINECA; David Vannozzi; Tony Donné, Director of the Eurofusion project; Aldo Pizzuto, Director of the Department Fusion and Technologies for Nuclear Safety at ENEA; and Sanzio Bassini, Director of the Department Supercomputing Applications and Innovation at CINECA.

There is a live stream of the opening.

Ad Emmen