Last one to exascale is a second-rate world power syas Clay Dillow in Popular Science

3 Sep 2015 - In Popular Science, Clay Dillow describes the race to exascale he sees going on between China and the USA. "The most recent escalation in the U.S-China race for supercomputing supremacy is tied to an emerging set of 21st-century threats like cyberwarfare, global terrorism, and state-sponsored hacking," he writes. There are two principal realms in which superior supercomputing could make a huge difference on the national security front, Tim Stevens, a teaching fellow in the war studies department at King’s College London told Dillow. The first is counterrorism, or using big data analytics to sift through mountains of data and find signals in the noise, identifying patterns of behavior or connections between individuals and/or events that are relevant to national security. The other more important realm is cybersecurity, a realm in which many analysts believe the U.S. has already fallen behind.
Ad Emmen