Flanders’ supercomputer at VSC makes “unthinkable” research a reality

1 Sep 2015 Gent - In Flanders Today, Senne Starckx, authors an in-depth article on the Flemish Supercomputer Centre VSC. It is a Tier-1 supercomputer. (The largest in Europe are Tier-0 systems). Senne Starckx, tells about the scientific applications, including Space Weather. The government of Flanders understands this and actively encourages private companies to apply for computing time at VSC. “Supercomputers are currently used in highly innovative environments and industries,” told Marc Luwel from the Hercules Foundation to Senne Starckx . “But we still see hesitation within a lot of companies.” To keep up with the rest of the world, VSC knows it needs to step up its game and update its supercomputing capacity. “That’s why the Hercules Foundation is making additional funding available for a new supercomputer,” Luwel told Senne Starckx. “KU Leuven is already designing a sophisticated computer room to house the next generation Tier-1.” The new machine should become operational in the second half of 2016.
Ad Emmen