European Commission to launch Digital4Science Platform to start discussions and communication including HPC & Exascale

18 Sep 2015 Brusssels - The European Commission has launched the Digital4Science platform set-up to stimulate conversations on Excellence in Science and its activities around Open Science, e-infrastructures, Future & Emerging Technologies and the FET flagships. This includes HTC, HPC and Exascale technologies. With this platform, the European Commission wants to give stakeholders a voice: to talk to them, listen to them, and engage in an on-going dialogue on the EC's activities and policies.

To participate, you must register and create a profile.

The European Commission has launched 5 discussions ("Ideas") focusing on e-infrastructures topics with the objective of fostering cooperation among projects in specific fields:

  • Open Scholarship
  • Skills & Training
  • Biomed & life sciences
  • Earth Science, energy & environment
  • Social Sciences and Humanities

Further discussion streams on issues the EC considers more relevant, such as KPIs, TRLs and catalogue of services will be launched at a later stage. The input will feed into the e-concertation meeting that the European Commission will organise in Brussels on the 9th of November 2015 for invited projects. It will be a great opportunity to take stock of what has been discussed on Digital4Science and complement it with face-to-face conversations.
Leslie Versweyveld