IBM's OpenPOWER: A Lot Has Changed In Two Years

7 Sep 2015 - Patrick Moorhead in Forbes magazine gives the status of the OpenPOWER Foundation that just had its two year anniversary by talking about the growth of the foundation and its membership to 149 members in 22 countries. Moorhead cites Jimmy Pike, Moor Insights & Strategy technologist residence commented that, "And if you don't think HPC is that commercially relevant, you haven't looked under the hood of a big data solution ...". Moorehead summarizes the two years by "IBM has come quite a long way over the course of the last two years, and it shows. They have some pretty significant HPC deals and there's no saying what kind of demand Watson could create for IBM's POWER Systems and the OpenPOWER Foundation. However, the OpenPOWER Foundation still has a lot to prove by ways of non-IBM silicon, non-IBM systems and non-IBM cloud software benchmarks since much of what's been shown has centered on IBM, but there are others that are part of the Foundation that should have something more to contribute."
Ad Emmen