The quest for European HPC research and innovation funding

9 Aug 2019 Almere - All H2020 funding for HPC has been transferred to EuroHPC, has it not? All EuroHPC projects are funded fifty-fifty by EuroHPC and participating countries, are they not? The answers may come as a surprise to you: there is still a considerable amount of HPC funding that surfaced in H2020 and for some research projects the EuroHPC funding is 100%. To help you in your quest to find the right HPC funding opportunity we have compiled a list of all open and future EuroHPC and H2020 HPC Calls.

With the latest addition to the overall H2020 budget for 2020, two dedicated Calls (re)-appeared in H2020 - so these are not managed by EuroHPC. The most notable Call is a Call for Centres of Excellend in Exascale Computing with a total budget of 20 million euro.

In EuroHPC not everything is co-financed with national funds. There is a small support project funded for 100% with EuroHPC money, which makes sense. However, also projects under the topic "Stimulating the innovation potential of SMEs" is funded for 100%. This makes less sense, as this would be the exact same percentage as under H2020, so why transfer it to EuroHPC in the first place?

For the bigger research projects for which the Call closes early next year, the percentages differ from topic to topic depending on whether you are a profit or a non-profit organisation.

And, of course, some countries will co-finance EuroHPC projects and some countries will not.

We tried to create a comprehensive page with the most important details.

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Be sure to always consult the official documentation before you start working on a proposal.

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