JuliaCon - Fast and efficient multicore processing over the Cloud with Julia

13 Aug 2018 London - One of the HPC related talks at the JuliaCon event last week in London was "Fast and efficient multicore processing over the Cloud with Julia" by Tuomas Eerola from Vice President, Techila Technologies. Harnessing the Julia multicore features requires an in-depth knowledge of Cloud infrastructures which is typically beyond the reach of many organisations, he says.

Techila Distributed Computing Engine Overview is a distributed computing middleware and management solution developed by Techila Technologies Ltd. It is an autonomic computing solution, which brings rocket speed to computing. It is designed to save the time of business users and IT experts, to solve challenges related to parallel application development and deployment, and to speed up the idea-to-deployment cycle.

Watch the video recoding of the presentation:

Ad Emmen